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Dr Barendra Kumar Bhoi

Visiting Fellow Monetary Economics, International Trade and Macroe... View Profile

Dr M.H Suryanarayana

Professor Development Economcis, Applied Econometrics amd Co... View Profile

Dr R Krishnan

Professor Applied Econometrics, Monetary Economics... View Profile

Dr Ashima Goyal

Professor Open economy macroeconomics, international finance... View Profile

Dr K.V Ramaswamy

Professor Development Economics, Labour Economics and Indust... View Profile

Dr Rajendra R Vaidya

Professor Industrial Economics, Macroeconomics, Corporate Fi... View Profile

Dr Vinod K Sharma

Professor Technological, Socio-economic and Policy Aspects o... View Profile

Dr R Nagaraj

Professor Development Economics, Industrial development, Eco... View Profile

Dr Subrata Sarkar

Professor Applied Econometrics, Corporate Finance and Govern... View Profile

Dr P.G Babu

Professor Microeconomic Theory and applications, Political e... View Profile

Dr A Ganesh Kumar

Professor Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models, Issue... View Profile

Dr Jayati Sarkar

Professor Ownership and Corporate Governance in Emerging Eco... View Profile

Dr Vijay Laxmi Pandey

Professor Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics... View Profile

Dr Sudhakar Yedla

Professor Environmental Policy, Climate Change Mitigation an... View Profile

Dr Srijit Mishra

Professor Development Studies... View Profile

Dr G Mythili

Professor Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, A... View Profile

Dr C Veeramani

Professor International Trade and Investment, Industrial Eco... View Profile

Dr S Chandrasekhar

Professor Mobility & Labour Market Outcomes, Education Skill... View Profile

Dr Rupayan Pal

Professor Applied Theory, Industrial Organization, Environme... View Profile

Dr Dilip Madhukar Nachane

Professor Economics, Econometrics... View Profile

Dr Shamprasad M Pujar

Librarian Library automation, Search engines, Web developmen... View Profile

Dr S Mahendra Dev

Director Economics, Agricultural Economics... View Profile

Dr Shubhro Sarkar

Associate Professor Theoretical IO, Game Theory, Experimental Economic... View Profile

Dr Sudha Narayanan

Associate Professor Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, New... View Profile

Dr Anuj Bhowmik

Associate Professor General Equilibrium Theory, Asymmetric Information... View Profile

Dr Susan Thomas

Assistant Professor Financial Economics (Volatility of financial instr... View Profile

Dr Taniya Ghosh

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, International economics, Developme... View Profile

Dr Rajeswari Sengupta

Assistant Professor International Finance, Open Economy Macroeconomics... View Profile

Dr Manisha Jain

Assistant Professor Climate and energy policy, energy economics, energ... View Profile

Dr Bharti Nandwani

Assistant Professor Political Economy, Development Economics... View Profile

Dr Digvijay Singh Negi

Assistant Professor Agricultural Economics, International Trade, Risk ... View Profile

Dr Gopakumar Achuthankutty

Assistant Professor Social choice theory, Game theory, Microeconomic t... View Profile

Dr Sargam Gupta

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Open Economy M... View Profile

Dr Anjaneya Reddy

Assistant Librarian ... View Profile